Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A finished quilt.

 My Christmas present quilt is finished! Jared's family gave me the fabric in the center of the quilt and Carrie's family gave me the gift certificate that bought the rest of the fabric.
Kay quilted it with a barb wire motif . 
Some day Carrie and Sarah will have to draw straws to see who gets it!

I made these aprons for a friends 2 boys,she said they wear them when making cookies and mixing milk for bottle lambs! True farm boys:)
Lucas' big rooster he's a pretty boy!
The heifers all have their babies by their sides so that is a good thing.
Black sheep black sheep had a white lamb the other night!
Lucas' goose has been laying eggs so he's going to try and hatch them. We checked several times the other day but she didn't lay it while I was there.
I went to talk to John while he was doing lamb chores the other day and we spotted this eagle sitting in a tree at the end of the calf pen.

We have extra mud if anyone wants some!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sunday Morning.....................

 I see the church from the office window everyday! It is the church I was confirmed in a long time ago. I would have never guessed I would see it everyday out my window since Dec 31st 1977!
 We have had some nice days and some not so nice days as far as weather goes. The ewes and lambs make good use of the old barn on snowy days.
 The lambs are
 so cute.
 We herded the cows home the other day. They didn't make it easy but in the end they all got home.
 They tend to get off course when they see corn stocks with no fence  to keep them out.
 This is the little brother of the pillow in the  last blog post.
 I was going to see his mom on Fri so I got busy and made him a pillow.
His initials are  E E J and I just couldn't get a brand to  look good with 2 Es and a J. I told her if  they have another baby check with me before they name it. LOL.......................JMF

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Sheep, cows and Pillows....................

 Here's the black sheep of the family! John's ewes are lambing so there's lots of baby lambs running around.
 The guys added on to the hoop barn so there's more room for calving heifers.
 The calves have a place to stay in for several days then they get turned out in a smaller pen with a calf shelter to go in if needed.

Pictures from my walk the other day.
 It was a warm day, and the breeze was at my back so it was a nice walk.

 Almost home.
 Lots of snow last week but no wind so that was a good thing.
 Another pocket pillow.
 I made this pillow for the cutest little girl:) Her initials are A L T so I wanted a brand for her I had some ideas but then asked Greg to draw up some and this one is his.

 Here she is! Those cheeks:) I bet they get kissed by the hundreds!
I am linking up here
 A few years ago I made this one. Who knows maybe these 2 will meet up someday!

Monday, February 12, 2018

This post is for Carrie...........

 SURPRISE I finished your book!! I decided it was going to be the first book I read this year.
 All 897 pages! Carrie was right it was a good book. I gave it to Kathy she had heard about it and wanted to read it. She'll have it done in days instead of years. I think Carrie was in college when she read it in the 90s:) I have had it a long time and looked at it in the bookcase and said to myself you should read this book year after year.  Finally I did it:)
 First time I've seen the cat sitting up there. It's been a cold winter I don't know how they stay alive!
 We went to Rapid City to the stock show just a quick trip but had fun with friends. A good rodeo and fun time playing cards. This is the only picture I took. It's Bear Butte.
A scrap project I've been working on so far 125 book marks.....................JMF

Monday, January 29, 2018

Mountain lions , sheep, rabbits and squirrels oh my!!

I made this quilt in 2003 and Kay just quilted it for me!
 John's sheep have started lambing some of them are at our place,
 I checked them Sat when John was at his wrestling match but no action until he got home.
 Cute speckled lamb was born Sunday.
 This morning I witness a fight in the back yard.
 This rabbit was hoping that the squirrel wouldn't catch him eating corn......
 A little late with the shot of the squirrel defending his corn.
 He kept trying.
 Maybe if I stay behind him I'll be safe:)

I have a couple of pillow to show too but not sure if they are with the new owners yet!.....JMF