Monday, February 12, 2018

This post is for Carrie...........

 SURPRISE I finished your book!! I decided it was going to be the first book I read this year.
 All 897 pages! Carrie was right it was a good book. I gave it to Kathy she had heard about it and wanted to read it. She'll have it done in days instead of years. I think Carrie was in college when she read it in the 90s:) I have had it a long time and looked at it in the bookcase and said to myself you should read this book year after year.  Finally I did it:)
 First time I've seen the cat sitting up there. It's been a cold winter I don't know how they stay alive!
 We went to Rapid City to the stock show just a quick trip but had fun with friends. A good rodeo and fun time playing cards. This is the only picture I took. It's Bear Butte.
A scrap project I've been working on so far 125 book marks.....................JMF

Monday, January 29, 2018

Mountain lions , sheep, rabbits and squirrels oh my!!

I made this quilt in 2003 and Kay just quilted it for me!
 John's sheep have started lambing some of them are at our place,
 I checked them Sat when John was at his wrestling match but no action until he got home.
 Cute speckled lamb was born Sunday.
 This morning I witness a fight in the back yard.
 This rabbit was hoping that the squirrel wouldn't catch him eating corn......
 A little late with the shot of the squirrel defending his corn.
 He kept trying.
 Maybe if I stay behind him I'll be safe:)

I have a couple of pillow to show too but not sure if they are with the new owners yet!.....JMF

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Pocket Pillows............

 I went on a pillow making frenzy in Dec.
 They are fun to make.
 I hope the kids that get them love them and wear them out:)
 I started making matching bookmarks to go with the pillows.  I bought some fabric the other day that will make a cute one! I have a few things to finish before I get to it. 

Saturday, December 23, 2017

The tale of 2 purses...............

 Carrie had I idea I should make Rachel a purse out of this calf fabric! Good idea so I ordered the  fabric and as the say the rest is history:)
 I used the moda grunge fabric for the strap and the sides. I think it worked really well.
 I just used fabric from my stash for the lining.
 So if Rachel gets a purse Ellie gets one too or the other way around! Luckily I had some of the same kind of fabric only dogs. I really liked making the purses and thinking about each grand daughter while sewing them. Lots of pockets to fill one in back and several inside.
 They had them packed full by the time they went home.
 More fabric used up in the lining. I just may live long enough to get all my fabric used.....not
 I haven't seen much of the Blue Jays all summer but they are back.
I could here this guy the other day so when I looked I found him in the trees just behind the house. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!...JMF

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Grandpa Jim's shirts turned into a baby quilt for Aubrey...................

A friend asked me if I would make a baby quilt from her late husbands shirts for his 1st grandchild. I was nervous but I said yes!
 I've had this fabric in my stash for a long time and never had the perfect quilt to use it in. Until now:)
 Stars are one of my favorite blocks to make. I used the shirts for the star tips and the cornerstones.

 The center is a picture of Grandpa Jim.

I quilted it on my grace frame and it turned out pretty good if I say so myself. The few quilts I did before I had trouble with the tension on my machine. No problems with this quilt.
 I had it done for a week or more before Barbee picked it up I kindof miss it now:) It's right up there with my favorite quilts.
 I used more of the shirts to make a doll and a couple of pillows.
 Mom and Grandpa Jim.
 Mom and Dad.
I've made several of these dolls. This is the second quilt and doll I have made from a loved ones shirts. It is an honor to be trusted with the task....JMF

Friday, December 1, 2017

Scrap a day grand finale .........for now!

 This a queen size scrappy log cabin another pattern from Pinterest.
I had Kay quilt it with this spool pattern it turned out so cute:)

I just love it!

It did use up lots of scraps...........JMF

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Scrap a day 8

 This is my mistake quilt:) I watched the video on this quilt about a month before I started the quilt thinking I remembered how the pattern went.
 I was wrong! I just used the pieced squares and the orange squares and made hour glass blocks. Instead of leaving the pieced squares in one piece LOL and then making the hourglass blocks.
 I guess I will say I just made a new quilt pattern.
 It's pretty bright and would probably keep a baby awake all night!

 I think I have one more scrap quilt to show.
Then I will tell you where we saw these!!