Friday, July 7, 2017

A few more quilts,some flowers and bulls:)

 Someone must love birds. The quilting is awesome too.
 Some lucky kid probably got this quilt!
 A couple of panel ideas.

 There was such a variety of quilts it never ceases to amaze me.
 Lots of time and effort in these next quilts.

 Of course I loved this one with the buffalo in the boarders

 Another cute kids quilt.
 I took these awhile back and they are still doing good in all the heat and no rain.
 I water them almost everyday.  Sue gave me the corn seeds they are Ponca sacred corn. It's colored corn so will be fun to harvest it in the fall. I have it in 3 pots.

 My hens and chicks are doing so good they wintered well.
 My newest succulent. I think I lost the tag so don't know the name of it.
Trying to bring the bulls home the other night and they were scared to come out of the open gate. It took awhile but they finally figured it out. They were tested and sent to pasture to the next day have fun with the girls:)...............................JMF

Friday, June 23, 2017

Still at the quilt show and fishing..................

 More cute quilts from the Rapid  City quilt show.
 It looks like this was a challenge in their guild. I'd say they met that challenge with no problems!

 This one was different and alot of work I think.
 I love a good applique quilt.
 From flowers to cross word puzzle quilts they had it all.

 A good way to do a family quilt.

  A racing car quilt a fun boys quilt.
 This was my favorite I might have to find the pattern
 Another book quilt, I'd like to make one someday.

 We went fishing the other night well Greg and the grandsons I just took pictures and walked cus I don't touch worms or fish:)
 Limber necks

 Still more quilts plus a few other things coming up.................JMF

Friday, June 16, 2017

More of the quilt show trip.............

 Paula bought this pattern and it was our goal to figure it  out and make a couple. Well after lots of reading and looking at pictures I said there has to be a YouTube tutorial on it!!
 That's how we finally figured it out then it was easy:) I don't know what I did but it's alittle crooked.
 This is my first attempt at painting. With a little help from the instructor it didn't turn out to bad:)
 I have to admit the instructor painted the heart for me. We had fun and am glad I tried something new:)
 And then they were finished!! At least Paula's were. I did get one of mine finished out there and one at home.
 The purple one is my favorite.
 Now the quilt show. I didn't take pics of any of the labels just the quilts.
 I want to make some kind of book quilt someday.
 a dog:)

 This chair is not something I would want in my house...but it was something to see!! There were blocks on the sides of the chair too.
 This is a tablecloth the squares were pretty small and it was so cute.
 I loved this one.
 There were lots of applique quilts.
 Cute chicken quilt with chicken wire quilting:)
Cute bunny quilt...............................JMF