Sunday, November 12, 2017

scrap a day 7

 This one is was on Sewing with Nancy. Here's the link.
quilt link 

 It was simple and fast to make.
 I quilted it with a simple x pattern.

 This one is the gal that showed me the pattern! I like that it has more contrast so if I make another one I'll do that.
You don't see this to often on Nov 11th! I looked out my front door and just had to take a picture!! He is helping build a grain bin.......JMF

Saturday, November 11, 2017

scrap a day 6

 I'm getting close to the end of my finished scrap quilts.
 This one was another pinterst find although I might have not followed the instructions exactly!

 After while  I just started sewing then just made it all work by cutting or adding as I needed too.
 It's done and it used scraps so that's good enough for me:)

Friday, November 10, 2017

Scrap a day 5

 I'm almost done with my scrap quilts! Well maybe not yesterday I was cutting and ironing scraps:)
 I used some more western prints in this one. I just finished quilting it last week.
 Hopefully it will keep some baby warm someday!
 I just finished the book Wonder. Lucas was telling me about because his class is reading it together. It is a good book and the movie is coming out next week. So he painted his pumpkin after the cover of the book. Pretty good Lucas!!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Scrap-a-day 4

 This one was a fun and easy one as long as you paid attention when cutting them to size. I mean by not cutting off the seam allowance!
 What makes you think I did that??
When that happens make a potholder!!
I haven't decided if I will make this one bigger so am not going to quilt it just yet.
I thought this was funny I hope my sisters do too!!........JMF

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Scrap a day 3.....

 I used alot of my western fabric scraps on this one.
 It was another Pinterst pattern. I should have went back and found them again so I could have shared them.
 I still could and put them in the next post:)
 It was a fast and easy pattern.
 My Jade plant is getting so big I don't know how I would ever get it transplanted to a new pot. It's been in that one for years and is probably root bound.
The peacock that lived here for a few weeks and then decided to run away from home:).....JMF..

Monday, October 30, 2017

A scrap a day 2...............

 I found this one on Pinterst also. The center squares are denim cut 61/2 in and the cotton squares are 21/2.
 It was easy and went together fast.
 I backed it with a piece that was given to me.
 Scraps and free fabric what could be better:)
 Luke's wild feathered chick!
One of a few roosters he has..........................JMF

Saturday, October 28, 2017

A scrap a day....

 My goal this summer was to use up my scraps from all my quilting. I searched Pinterst for scrap patterns and found a few I liked.
 This one makes a small baby quilt.

 I had enough of that animal fabric for each of the center blocks.
I just did a simple straight line quilting. It's a fast quilt to piece if you need a baby gift.
It was the first of several scrap quilts I made. The only thing is that I still have as many if not more scraps to use!!!......JMF

Saturday, September 23, 2017

2nd quilt for the festival......................

 Carrie and I made this one for one of her friends 1st baby.
 I love the star block with western fabric you can't go wrong!

 I was so happy I found more the cow fabric this winter so I'll be making more quilts with it.

 I have been using this fabric since our first grandson was born and he is a junior in high school now!
Somethings and grandsons never go out of style:)
Just click below to visit the quilt festival.........................JMF

Monday, September 18, 2017

Blogger's Quilt Festival

It's time for the Blogger's Quilt Festival!
click Here to go the party:)

My first quilt is the one I made for my first grandchild:)

 I just gave it to him last night. After he mowed my yard!! I would have gave it to  him anyway but the yard looks so good!!
My DIL and Kordell mowed both yards in record time. Many thanks to them and too Lucas my weekly mower!
This is Miss Ellie's quilt. When I asked her what type of fabric she would like her quilt to have she said "bright colors and polka dots! I had a small tote of polka dots so just picked up a couple flowered fabrics. It was a fun one to make.
It's a happy quilt:)
Here's Danes! I like them all but I love anything western so his is my favorite quilt.
Now I need to go visit all the other bloggers and their quilts....................Thanks for visiting  JMF